Who was Jack the Ripper? A history of Dark & Secret London 1860-1910

The Autumn of Terror 1888

Autumn 1888 and a reign of terror begins in Whitechapel, London. An unknown killer stalks the cobbled streets of the grimy East End where prostitutes, drunks, vagrants and criminals mingle in ale-houses and huddle in sleazy, semi-derelict boarding rooms.

Jack the Ripper, as he came to be known, the terror of the East End strikes 5,6 maybe 11 times. 11 women brutally murdered, ripped open and horribly mutilated. Unknown, unnamed and never caught by the police. The bloody trail of Jack the Ripper has exerted a fascination for many for well over a century.

Who was Jack the Ripper? Why did he kill? Why was he never caught? And why did he stop killing?

These are just some of the questions we pose and attempt to answer on this fascinating tour of Dark & Secret London examining the murder sites, his victims, the police and the people who lived in the Whitechapel area in late 1888.

Imagine strolling through the dark cobbled alleyways of Whitechapel and experience the FEAR during this journey of discovery and exploration: A full length performance of 60-90 minutes presented in authentic Victorian style by the brilliant but wildly eccentric Steven Dark who delivers with considerable humour, sharp wit and penetrating insight his virtual tour of Whitechapel in 1888 to discover "Who Was Jack the Ripper? A History of Dark & Secret London" during the 'Autumn of Terror' 1888!